Places of interest and Map

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Places of interest and Map

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 14, 2015 5:57 pm


Places of interest

  1. Harbor - One of the things Slateport is best known for
  2. Ocean Museum - Large museum, with interesting exhibits
  3. Lighthouse - Sitting on top of a hill it brings light to the sea. A popular date spot
  4. Beach - Beautiful beach with restaurant, popular with people
  5. Market - Large area with a lot of different stalls
  6. Shopping district - Filled with shops, this area is completely car free
  7. Contest Hall - The best place to show off your abilities
  8. University - With over 4,000 students, the Slateport Uni is a well respected school, even if it's not the largest
  9. Gym - A high class sport center, with gym, swimming and spa facilities


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